Another week, another post

If you guys ever want to slap me for not posting, be my guest. Maybe that will jar me into actually doing it. So it's been about a week since I posting some nonsense about Battleship, and I'd like the blame my absence on Diablo 3, but its only been out for a few days. So again sorry for the delay, but here we are again, new post, new day.

As you might have guessed I have been rocking Diablo 3 pretty hard. I picked my copy up at midnight (pretty much required because I was working). Came home and installed it, then after updating my video drivers went to bed. Oh no sacrilege you say? Well the game didn't go live until 3am EST, and I'd rather get a full night sleep and play in the morning rather than try and deal with the server load for this game at launch. I got to play a few hours Tuesday with no problems, but I heard there was a lot of servers going down and kicking people off. I played a lot yesterday, got to the end of Act I. My major problem was I kept getting a lot of slow down during large battles. At first I chalked it up to server load, but now I'm thinking it's my graphics card. I didn't have any hiccups during the beta, which had plenty of large battles. If it was just the servers I'd think it was just stutter randomly, not during graphically intensive scenes. Well we will have too see as the week progresses and I talk to more players about it.

The other big game to come out this week is Max Payne 3. I'm pretty excited to try that out. The graphics look very slick. I have never played a Max Payne game (sorry I don't play good games) so I'm looking forward to trying it out and seeing what all the hype is about. Everyone I know who has played it has enjoyed it so far, so the signs are looking good.

I hope all of you out there in internet land are having a good week. I'm going black out again for a few days to go camping. I'll maybe get another post in tomorrow morning, but if not I'll see you next week.


  1. Might need to sacrifice some graphics quality on D3. Try turning the shadows to low (default is medium) or off, I've heard shadows take a lot of graphics for such a minimal effect. Just fiddle with that stuff, my laptop with Intel HD graphics ran the beta with minimal issues once I turned everything down/off. Blizzard tends to make games even the crappiest computer can run.

    1. After playing for about a week now it seems to be a server side issue. Some times I can play flawlessly with everything up and other times, even with everything low/off it chugs. My internet is sometimes spotty, guess I have to move my router closer to my computer.


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