The Zombie Apocalypse

Hey all, sorry for the hiatus, but that past week and this upcoming month are crazy! Yesterday 
I ran a 5k. But not just any 5k, I was also being chased by zombies! If you have not heard of this, it is called Run for your Lives. You and many others are pitted to finish a 5k course full of obstacles and zombies. So for the past week I have been training hard, and that would be one reason for lack up updates. Well here is the update! I started three different posts and didn't finish any of them, hopefully I do. Second update is that I died during the 5k. The zombies got me. It was a blast though. Took an hour and a half because we were trying to take our time and stick together, but I'm looking forward to hopefully doing it next year and getting a quicker time. I don't have much time to talk about much more, but wanted to through an update out there. Hope you all enjoyed past week and all saw the Avengers. Great movie, I'll have to talk about that too at some point, might go see it again tomorrow. Comment on any thoughts you have and I'll get back to ya!


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