Hey all, not much to talk about today, but I wanted to give you all an update on what going on in my head recently. I have been thinking about ways to expand my writing topics and create a better read for you all. I wanted to start weekly segments so there was a little bit more reliability in my posts. Also wanted to do more than just opinion pieces. I feel like writing opinion pieces is all there is to do that is actually interesting. But I really need to hammer out a long opinion piece rather than throw one together like I have been. Also in the spirit of full disclosure like in my season two opener, I have a new goal in life and its intertwined with the blog. I want to start writing freelance articles for videogame publications. As I said before, I wanted to join the videogame industry in some way, and becoming a freelance writer seems like a fruitful journy. Although my grammar and spelling stink, and not a single friend I have would ever think that I could enjoy writing, I'm going to give it the old college try. What this means for you is that I might not be spelling like a middle schooler anymore. And hopefully have better sentence structure, whatever that means! Well hopefully you all stay tuned for what I have in store, and enjoy the ride. Comments are welcome as always. Cheers.


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