Torchlight, my prep for D3

Words cannot express my excitement for Diablo 3 in a week. I have not been so jazzed for a game since... I guess Halo Reach. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning got me pretty jazzed too, but only after I had played the demo so there was only a month or so of jazz. I have been eagerly awaiting Diablo since june 28th, 2008 when the game was announced. Almost 4 years later it will finally be arriving. I know I have talked about Diablo in the past and I'm not trying to sell anyone on it again, but I just wanted to say that I have been playing a ton of Torchlight in preparation for Diabo 3.

Torchlight is a great game that I first played back at Pax East 2010. From the looks of it I thought it was a multiplayer dungeon crawler, but just missing the polish that was D3 which had yet to come out. When I returned home I bought the game on sale on Steam for 5 bucks. I quickly learned that the game was single player, so my roommate forwent buying it as well. I toyed with it for a few hours back then, but really didn't sink my teeth into it until now. After finishing Stacking and playing the D3 beta for one weekend I have just had a craving for D3 to finally get here. I thought I would jump back into Torchlight to get a little fix before the real deal arrived. I have been pleasantly appeased while my waiting continues for next week. I recommend Torchlight for anyone who want a little loot fest before D3 comes. I thought about repurchasing it on xbla (because you know that's my favorite place) but it had just been on sale like a month ago and I'd feel ripped off buying the game twice but so I could play on my big TV. Anyone else have any good tips on how to pass the ticking clock that is Diablo 3? Feel free to share in the comments, and may be all be merry a week from now.


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