Rise and Fall

If you have not heard the news, 38 Studios (creators of Kingdoms of Amalur) has laid off it's entire staff, along with the entire staff at Big Huge Games (responsible for KoA: Reckoning). This comes at no surprise after the headlines that have been springing up this month about missed payroll and overdue loan payments, but it's still a sad week for us all. When Reckoning hit in February things seemed hopeful. It ranked 4th in the NPD for the month and sold 1.2 million copies overall. I highly enjoyed the game, giving it praise to everyone who enjoyed Skyrim and other games of the genre. It's Metacritic score is an 80 for the Xbox 360 version of the game which was also promising. It seems things went wrong from a managerial standpoint and a money management point of view. I'm not here to point judgement or place blame, but rather than talk up something else I wanted to bring up a topic that is near and dear to me. Many friends of mine are now without work and my support goes out to them and I hope they land on their feet. It also seems that a great game is dead in the water and a great game that I enjoyed will no longer be receiving support.


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